The Legendary Pasir Pinji Chee Cheung Fun

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I had finally managed to pay a visit to the legendary Pasir Pinji Chee Cheung Fun where I heard a lot of praises and the funny part of this Chee Cheung Fun seller, every customer who walks in need to obtain a queue number before being served. That's what we call system. Initially I thought we will be given a small ticket with number but I am so wrong. They basically just give you a number and you need to remember it by heart. So after getting the number, you need to be prepare to wait and I really meant it - WAIT with PATIENCE. This Chee Cheung Fun was operated by an old couple where the Uncle was responsible in making the Chee Cheung Fun at the back of their house and the Aunty with the help of a helper were in charge of cutting and putting sauces to the freshly made Chee Cheung Fun.

The Chee Cheung Fun stall were located in a housing area situated at Jln Pasir Pinji 5

We were walking to our destination after getting our car parked at the nearby shop lot
We were approaching our destination.... Yippee!

In case you are wondering, the house number was 1456

Auntie seems to be pretty busy at the counter...

Other items sold here...

Chee Cheung Fun pricing

So I was practically happily snapping pictures of the surrounding while Hubby getting our queue number. While snapping pictures, the lady helper of the stall was telling me, 'Don't snap my face ya'. OOps.. Sorry, luckily I wasn't snapping her picture at all. Then I realised an old Uncle was busy preparing fresh Chee Cheung Fun at the back of the house. I am so tempted to snap the Uncle's picture but dare not since it was situated at the back of the house. After waiting for a few minutes, we managed to get our number. We were lucky 26 for the day. The Auntie was telling us, go and 'jalan-jalan' first, it will take some time till your number. At that moment, I think the running number was around 7. I looked at my watch and it was around 1.45pm. So we decided to wander around Ipoh town to look for the best Tau Fu Far in town (refer to my post here) while waiting for our turn for Chee Cheung Fun.

We came back to the stall around 3pm and we were no where near the number 26. Number 19 was still sitting there waiting for his 'tar pau'. OMG, I was thinking, it really take ages for our 26 number. Hubby and I decided to try the Thai Style Otak-otak that was sold in the place while waiting. The Otak-otak tasted spicy and full of fish meats. Just the right spiciness for me and it cost us RM4 only. I bet we can't find this kinda Otak-otak with the same price tag in KL. After getting our tummy filled with some Otak-otak while trying to kill of some time waiting for our turn, I get another shock in life, number 12 customer came and ask for his order. You must be surprised to hear the amount of 'tar pau' he had ordered, it was 30 packs of Chee Cheung Fun. I guess it will really take ages till our number 26. So AGAIN, we decided to leave the stall and wander around again for some snack before going back to our Chee Cheung Fun order. Wonder what we had this time. Kindly click here and here.
Thai Style Otak-otak

Meaty and spicy fish meat..

It was GOOD and decently priced

After having some drinks and snacks, we were back at Pasir Pinji Chee Cheung Fun. Luckily it was almost our turn now and it was 4pm plus when we got our ordered 'tar pau'. This is definitely the longest waiting time for a Chee Cheung Fun I had in life till date. 5 packs of Chee Cheung Fun took us 2 hours plus waiting. So averagely 1 pack of Chee Cheung Fun took half an hour to be prepared. *Faint*

Our long awaited Chee Cheung Fun

After the long 2 hours plus wait, we were back at home sitting comfortably savouring the Chee Cheung Fun. They just melts in you mouth, soft and smooth combines with their sauces and green chillies and fried shallots and not forgetting the fragrance of the dried shrimps. It was wonderful and heaven. Definitely worth the wait but I think I shall only pay them my second visit during a non-holiday season to cut down of the waiting time. :)

The legendary Pasir Pinji Chee Cheung Fun


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