Restoran Klang Food Centre

Sunday, September 13, 2009

We were exploring areas for food in Klang and discover Restoran Klang Food Centre who specialized in selling different varieties of Pau and also items like Loh Mai Kai, Wu Kok (Yam Puff), Jin Dui (Crispy Sesame Ball) and Steamed Yam Cake. I had tasted their specialty Curry Pau and Steamed Yam Cake in our first visit. Both of them taste good and delicious. Thus we were making our second visit today to 'ta pau' for our breakfast. My god-sis requested for Char Siew Pau and Loh Mai Kai whereas Hubby and I ordered Curry Pau, Siew Yoke Pau, Wu Kok and Jin Dui as our takeaway. Our verdict for all the items we ate for our breakfast - DELICIOUS.

I love the curry gravy that came ooozing out of the Pau when we open them up. Don't worry of overspilling of the gravy coz there's actually an aluminium mould sitting inside the Pau. The Siew Yoke Pau was great too, there's a few slices of Siew Yoke and also chicken pieces in this gigantic sized Pau. The other item that you shouldn't missed will be the Jin Dui and also Wu Kok. They were so crispy and crunchy. You can basically feel that they melt in your mouth once you took a bite of them. The Char Siew Pau and Loh Mai Kai was above average, the taste wise was similar to those Dim Sum Shop.

Their speciality - Curry Pau

Can you see the aluminium mould in the Pau?

Siew Yoke Pau

The pau contains Siew Yoke, chicken pieces, sengkuang and egg

The fried items sold in the restaurant

Crispy Wu Kok

Jin Dui - filled with lots and lots of peanuts

Loh Mai Kai

Char Siew Pau

Address for the shop:
Restoran Klang Food Centre
10, Jln Batai Laut 5, Tmn Intan, Klang, Selangor.
03 3342 8122
Note: The shop was situated in the same area as the famous Fong Khew Bak Kut Teh.


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