Hubby's Birthday Dinner at Olivenz Cafe

Monday, September 21, 2009

We were back in Ipoh for the Raya holiday and coincidentally Hubby's birthday falls on the second day of Raya. Me being a blur sotong in Ipoh was absolutely clueless on the whereabouts of places to treat Hubby for a birthday dinner. Google and fellow bloggers' blog was my only source of info to look for a decent place for dinner. After google-ing on the recommended places in Ipoh, I had shortlisted a few places for the dinner. Of course I need the birthday boy's help to look and hunt for the exact location. After shortlisting the places, we actually 'ronda' around Ipoh for the few places and our winner for tonight's dinner is.......................................

Olivenz Cafe situated at Bandar Baru Medan Ipoh

Our birthday boy - Dear Hubby... :)

Hubby's choice - Secret Garden (Apple, Kiwi, Banana and Milk)

My choice - Queen's Love (Strawberry, Orange and Milk) Trying to be Queen of coz...

Cute drink stirrer

Starter - Baked Escargots

Cheeselicious escargot

Hubby's choice - Butteryaki Chicken (grilled chicken in japanese butter sauce)

My choice - Red Wine Lamb Shoulder (grilled lamb in red wine glaze)

Me and Hubby

Overall, the environment for the place was okay but the butteryaki chicken was too salty for my taste. Hubby commented the same too. The red wine lamb shoulder was good. They were generous in the meat portion and top with the red wine sauce, they tasted wonderful. We had a great time there. Luckily, the place doesn't let us down since the dinner was meant to give the birthday boy a dinner treat. Once again, in this post, I would like to take the opportunity again to wish Hubby:



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