Funny Mountain Soya Bean

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My first experience tasting this Tau Fu Far was few years back with a few of my colleagues during our makan trip to Ipoh. We were instantly in love with the silky smooth Tau Fu Far which basically glides down you throat and have the 'warmify' tummy effect. Goodness... Slurp slurp and the best part if you don't enjoy to have the Tau Fu Far at their shop due to the hot weather, you can basically order them and enjoy the rich goodness in the comfort of your air-conditioned car. Yup yup; they have drive thru service. Super fast and super efficient! Besides Tau Fu Far, they also sells Soya Bean Milk and Cincau or you can basically mixed both of them to have MJ (Cincau plus soya bean milk)

So nowadays, I always pay them a visit everytime we were back in Ipoh to have my 'fix' of Tau Fu Far craving. All this were done while waiting for my Pasir Pinji Chee Cheung Fun.

Famous Funny Mountain...

Drive thru service being offered too

No fixed closing time. Once sold off, can close liao...

Their menu and pricing

Smooth and silky Tau Fu Far


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