Journey to Ipoh on Raya Eve

Saturday, September 19, 2009

We started our journey back to Hubby's hometown - Ipoh at 8am plus. On a normal day, the journey should take approximately 2 hours plus to Ipoh but our journey today takes about 4 to 5 hours to reach the destination. We were basically stuck on the North South Highway joining the rest of the Raya and holiday crowds back to the Northern region. We had resulted in using the back road in hope of avoiding the traffic jam. Unfortunately, luck was not on our side coz it's still the same. Sigh.... Since we were still stuck in the jam, I had requested Hubby to stop by Bidor to have the famous Duck Noodles at Restoran Pun Chun since we will be taking a long time to reach Ipoh. As I had guessed earlier, the restaurant was packed with locals and tourists who were eagerly there to try out their speciality noodle.

Now, after being tensed and frustrated due to the jam, there's another frustration awaiting for us in the restaurant. We were basically acting like eagles, looking here and there for a blank table for us to get our seat. I guess it's just not only us who are doing the same thing. Don't believe me?

Yah, that's basically what we did too before we manage to get our seat....

While waiting for our food to be served, there a small stall handled by an old uncle who was selling Wu Kok and Siew Pau. After a long hours of jam, we were basically famished and of course we couldn't resist ordering this snacks to satisfy our hunger pangs. Both were delicious. The Wu Kok was crispy and full of yam flavour for the filling while the Siew Pau skin was soft and they instantly melts in your mouth once you take a bite of them plus the flavourful char siew inside them.

Crispy Wu Kok full with yam flavour..

Yummy Siew Pau, I absolutely *heart* their skin

Within minutes, both of the items vanish from our sight..

Luckily for us, the waiting time for our noodles to be served were still at a bearable time limit. I had ordered the Duck Noodle dry version where noodles and the herbal duck drumstick were served separately and Hubby ordered Char Siew and Wanton Noodles. You can also order the Herbal Duck Noodle soupy version. I tasted the soupy version before, thus I had ordered the dry version for this visit. I shall say I prefer the soupy version more.

My 'Kon Lo' Noodle

Herbal Duck Drumstick in a bowl of soup. We ended up drinking all the herbal soup.. Thumbs UP!!

Char Siew and Wanton Noodle

The Wanton served separately

They were generous in the Wanton fillings - shrimps inside

Restoran Pun Chun - found at the main road in Bidor town
After having our lunch, we were back to our reality - JAM. That is the scenario that we need to endure for our whole journey. Cars, cars, cars- all bumper to bumper.
For that moment, I wish our car have the ability to fly... *Gone crazy after long jam*

That's a special signage I saw while on our way to Ipoh using the old road - MyFC anyone? My fried chicken anyone??...


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